Wednesday, May 14, 2014

In Be-tween

It is hard to believe I have been back east 1 week. I am still in between time zones. We did a quick trip up to Maryland, mostly to see a few friends and to pick-up and drop off art work. Need a few more longer trips to catch up with others.

While staying at Country Pleasures Farm, the oldest organic farm in Maryland. We got a peek at the baby eagles that live on Eric & Lori's property. Hard to get pictures as they are in between the tree branches. Got a couple fun photos of bees as they were in between the pedals of flowers. Even have a few apple blossoms in between the leaves.

I continue to be in between painting and framing. Plan to order frames today and now that I have a little floor space in my studio, will paint this afternoon, I hope.

baby bald eagles

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