Thursday, May 8, 2014

Handle With Care

Spent yesterday very jet lagged and opening all the packages of art. I mailed 5 and used my portfolio as my luggage. I did find the little note that the TSA did inspect my luggage but it looks like they took my word and did not unwrap any of the paintings in the portfolio, handling it with care.

Most everything came through in great condition. A little pastel dust on some mats but that will be easy to clean up. I have the 3 pieces that are going to the Virginia Pastel show in the frames but need to secure them, paper on back and hangers. That will be today's job, in-between appointments and normal life stuff.

The Mill show comes down on Monday, this is the last weekend and your last chance to see the show. Picking up what ever work is not sold and then over to Glen Allen, VA near Richmond to deliver the art for Virginia show.

One of the packages I opened yesterday contained materials that I will need for the workshop coming up in July at Common Ground on the Hill. It will be a week long pastel workshop. Check out the web site if you want more information & pricing. Another had paper-making for workshops here in Blacksburg and elsewhere. Got my oil paints, may just have to buy a few new brushes. And as soon as I get over this jet-lag I will be good to, I need more coffee!

Just some of what I unpacked for upcoming shows

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