Monday, May 12, 2014

A Matter Of Timimg

Back east and it is spring. Which means lots of art shows. Marilu and I got together this weekend to do our usual art talk. We were looking at dates for shows, openings, closings, hangings, and pick-ups. 

We try to help each other when doing shows that we are both in by dividing the dropping off of work and picking up of work. 

It all becomes a matter of timing. This morning I meet Marilu to get two pieces from the N.M. Show, which she picked up for me. Then rush over to the Mill Show to pick up her work & mine. Won't know till I get there if anything has sold. Immediately jump back in the car to head to Glen Allen to drop off work for pastel show.

Timing is everything and I must admit I cut this day a bit too close. Wish me luck!!

Middletown, MD in the fall where we are planning the Fine Arts in the Valley Show.

The Mill Show, Millwood, VA back next spring 2015!

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