Sunday, April 13, 2014

Temporary Art

How would you feel after working for 8 hours on a piece of art to know that it would be gone by the end of the month?

That is what I did yesterday. I did not think about it as temporary art. Several people did ask that question, did it upset me that it was only temporary? No was my answer. I went into this as a challenge for myself, do something I had not done before. I looked at it as a commission, I create the work, give it to the owner and generally never see it again.

There were six artists selected to create side walk murals at Desert Ridge Marketplace. Plus, they had an area set up for kids and their families to create a mural. It was a bit more difficult to get the pastels to stick to the surface then I had hoped. Once I realized that less was more, I worked in a lighter touch and line work verses blending.

It was a long day but what a wonderful way to spend a day. Working outside, not too hot, friendly people, good conversation with kids and adults. Learned to let the medium do the work, not too keep art too precious and gave myself a little challenge.

photo taken by L. Armitage


8 hours later

Kids & family mural

detail of my mural

detail of my - Animals of AZ

Mural by Caroline Watson Dubisch - Phoenix

Mural by Jose Ignacio Garcia - fire ants

Mural by Chris Leon - mother & child

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