Friday, April 25, 2014

Sacred Trees

Arbor Day is being celebrated in many states across North America. In some states it has already passed. But April is a month to remember the tree.

Trees have been special to me for as far back as I can remember. I was a Tomboy, I could climb trees with the best of them. I would go high into a tree and watch the world go by and no one knew I was there.

Trees give, they are part of our history, they are in myths, poems, songs and in our backyards if we are so lucky. Trees provide stability for the land & waterways, help clean our air, and the fruits of their labor, hmmmm, not much better then a crisp apple or a fresh fig.

The fig tree is one of the oldest food sources. It is noted for it's healing powers from the leaves, sap and fruit.

The ginkgo, thought to be the oldest tree in the world. Known in herbal medicine to be good for the heart, lungs and long life.

The sycamore tree is associated with love and joy. A symbol from Egyptian history as a Tree of Life.

"The essence of the trees has a way of touching the inner soul of mankind. Such an experience makes a person feel humble and secure. It gives meaning to our existence. That is why we say the Redwood Forest is like a church; the trees have power and are alive." Fido Davis, tribal member Chilula.

To read more about "Sacred Trees" pick up the book by Nathaniel Altman

Just a few more reasons to go hug a tree...

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