Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I did it, well most of it, what is it...I watched the blood moon. I watched the full moon, part of a lunar tetrad. Which come to find out is 4 lunar eclipses, that take a couple of years. There are 6 full moons in between each of the eclipses without any other partial eclipses. The term blood moon is not scientific and has no real meaning.

The moon appears to turn red because the earth is between the sun and the moon. The earth's shadow creates the lunar eclipse and color.

As I was trying to find out a little bit about Blood on the Moon this is what I discovered. It is a reference to Abraham Lincoln's assassination. There are many books with this title, at least one movie, there are folklore and Biblical references. Which after reading the reference in Revelations is not talking about a real lunar moon but the symbolic reference to people within the church. Just reporting what I have read.

Back to the experiences, being in AZ the moon was on the rise before the sky was dark. Around 10 pm the moon was high in the sky, the stars, planets where bright with no clouds and gentle winds. I was not planning to stay up as long as I did. I started taking a couple pictures just hand holding my camera. Then I saw the shadow coming across the moon and just had to watch more. I stayed until the moon turned red and called it a night, a little after midnight. Oh and I saw Mars, it's the 3rd picture down...kind of small.


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  1. Oh Linda thank you thank you for sharing these pictures Myself and the family wanted to see the Blood Moon too but it was way too hazy. couldn't see anything these pictures are beautiful


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