Sunday, April 27, 2014

Last Dance

Today was my last chance, last dance with oil painting while in AZ. I had to stop today to allow time for drying and shipping back east. I wrapped up the last painting this afternoon. I worked on it most of yesterday, just needed to add those final touches.

I like to let works set overnight, walk back into my studio with fresh eyes and usually if there is something that needs correction/adjustment it pops out at me immediately. I was lucky today, no big issues to deal with on my last painting of the day.

The rest of the week will be busy, gallery sitting in Sedona, doing a demo while I am there for the day. Taking down work from the AZ Arts Alliance Gallery, today is the last day the gallery is open. They will be looking for a new location over the summer. The pastel show in Sedona comes down on Wednesday. The last meeting for the pastel society in AZ is this coming Sunday.

In between all of that I will be packing and shipping art back east for shows coming up this summer right through till fall. I hang the solo show first week of June at the Alumni Gallery at VA Tech. Marilu is hanging her solo show soon at the Laurel Nature Center. Next year I think we will look to do maybe a two or three woman show instead of big solo shows. It is a big time commitment and a lot of work. The good side of that is what doesn't sell at one show will move on to the fall shows.

Lots of last's this week but lots of new things on the horizon.

Oil Painting on canvas 12x36", Zebra - up front - 

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