Friday, April 4, 2014

Just Got To Keep Movin'

This week for me has been about moving forward. The elephant piece that I was working on is done, at least for the moment. It is drying and I will think about making some changes after it is dry. But, for now we are calling it finished.

I have been trying to get outside each day, some days I just take my paints out back to work. Better days I get out, get a 2-3 mile walk in and paint in the afternoon. I find as I get older I just need to keep moving to keep everything in working order, mind, body and spirit.

It also helps to keep lots of notes and lists, just to refresh my mind as to what I need to do. Trying to keep up with all the deadlines of art shows is near impossible. So we miss a few, make notes on the calendar for next year and move forward to the next project.

Spring brings many, many art shows....more on that another day.

"Bringing Luck" oil on canvas 8x10 

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