Sunday, April 6, 2014


Dare I say it out loud?  Spring has finally arrived in the mid-Atlantic.  The snow is gone, early blossoms have appeared.  It's as if we are all stretching and coming to life.  This past winter has been one for the books....literally.  Records broken for cold temperatures, snow amounts and frequency of snow storms.  Granted, there is now a fair amount of mud...but I'll take it. 

It was nice to sit out side yesterday and watch the activity in the trees....birds everywhere.  And best of all, warm sun on my back.  I watched a pair of bluebirds flitting around an old tree.  I have set out bluebird boxes in the past.  I think the bluebirds used them one year, but otherwise they were inhabited by other creatures.  But I've seen this pair several time, so I'm hoping they have moved into a cavity in the dead tree. 

We have numerous 'dead' trees in our woods.  Also this winter a large variety of woodpeckers came to the suet feeders I set out.  So I'm hoping that these skeletons of oak and beech are now 'condos' for my feathered friends.  I don't see them as often as I would like, but often hear Pileated Woodpeckers among the trees.  Also, owls.  Over the years Red Tail Hawks have nested in our Sycamores.  I must make a note of spending more time sitting patiently with binoculars and long lens camera. 

I have several exhibits this spring to prepare for.  Today I will deliver my work and Linda's to Art at the Mill in Millwood, Va.  It's just south of Berryville and the setting is lovely.   Historic grist mill filled with art!!  What could be nicer!!  The show runs from April 26 through May 11, daily.  A beautiful drive and outing if you are in the tri-state area - Md, Va, W.Va and D.C.   May first I will hang a solo show at the Patuxent National Wildlife Center in Laurel, Md.  It will be there May 1-31, 9am-4:30 daily (closed May 26 for Memorial Day) 

April and May is promising to be busy with numerous art and family events.  April marks 50 years of marital bliss for me and my honey, and in May our youngest grandson will be married.  Spring is great!!!  Get out there and enjoy it!!!!

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