Monday, April 14, 2014

Africa - Always On My Mind

Last week I had several days in the studio. Getting back into the oils I have several paintings in the works at one time. Going from one to the other while waiting for something to dry. I do not paint in a direct style, I layer, blocking in shadows first and building from there. I am trying to stay on the looser end of things with the paint but do find myself drawn back into the magic of details.

I have so many wonderful pictures from our last trip to Africa and yet I find myself intrigue by certain images. One being the hippos that were fighting in the Zambezi River. I did a small pastel of this last year. I just finished a little bit larger one in oil and think that at some point it may grow to an even larger piece.

There is a format theme showing up in my work. The long and narrow image. I do like different and this is a direction I have gone before and looks like I am back again. This time it has consumed most of the images I am working on, guess it will be the style of the show I will be hanging in June. Sometimes in art it is just best to go with the flow.

"Zambezi Power" oil on canvas 

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