Thursday, March 27, 2014

Time Of Year

It is technically spring and this time of year there are birds in nests and young ones taking their first flight. In my back yard there is a saguaro cactus. The birds drill holes into the soft flesh to house their nests. A mourning dove has come back again this year to make her nest. They are usually pretty skid-dish and fly away, but when on a nest they just look at you with a bit of an evil eye.

The painting I worked on yesterday is from a photo I took of a immature red tailed hawk. I think it was taken early morning in Tucson. It was a little cool and the bird fluffed up his feathers to keep warm.  It is an oil on canvas 8X10.

Red tailed hawks can be seen from coast to coast. The colors vary slightly but most have the red tail. They can get up to 22 inches in length and wing span of 55 inches. There are a couple that have dark under sides "Harlan's" they do travel from Texas area up to Alaska. There is also one that is called "dark". The Harlan has more gray to it's tail, where the dark looks like eastern or western just has a dark under belly.

 It has been good to see over the years an increase in hawks. As you drive along the road you will see them on the tops of poles and the highest branch on a tree.

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