Sunday, March 30, 2014


Getting ready for a special event in April. I will be doing a side walk mural. It will be six by eight feet. There are several locations around AZ that this will be going on, I will be at Desert Ridge. Not sure exactly where yet, more on that when I get the final information. I had to pick a theme, one of the choices was animals. I then needed to submit a quick sketch. Which takes a little longer then 5 minutes. I did 4 little sketches as I was thinking about the scale of the project. I needed to keep it simple but still realistic and true to my style. I have one day to complete the work, which is most likely all that my knees and back will allow.

It seems that this week has been all about preparation and presentation. Getting things ready for work and for shows. Still have a little more of that. Well, to be honest there is always more of that: framing, matting, priming, sketching, organizing, cleaning...all part of the job.

Today, we paint and sketch...

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