Saturday, March 29, 2014

Prime Time

I spent the afternoon painting but it was the kind of painting with minimal beauty. I was priming canvases, painting them white, several coats of white gesso,  a white acrylic paint that dries quickly. I have some boards that I want to try to paint on plus many canvases waiting for the image to appear. I mounted paper on some of the canvas boards and will prime that today.

I will get some sketches on some of them and get the backgrounds painted on a few. I have a couple little pieces in progress backgrounds done and started painting the image on one of them. The images/ideas are just hanging with the other two canvases, patiently waiting for me to get to them. All in good time, as they say...

There are never enough hours to do all the paintings/drawing I have floating around in my head. But, the thought of a solo show coming up in June has kicked me into high gear. I would like several new pieces for that show. Along with some fairly large pieces. I have the concept for what I want, now just need to pull it off. I work well under pressure but need to keep in mind the drying time for oils and that I need to ship them. Guess that means I better head into the studio!

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