Thursday, March 20, 2014

Looking Forward

I think I am finished with the little fox painting, "Looking Forward" - it is an oil on canvas 8x10 and it is a rare winter scene for me. The title comes from the idea that this little guy may be looking forward to spring. As I know so many of my friends and family on the east cost in North America are doing.

Continuing to move forward I have another oil on the easel, even worked on it last night. I don't paint at night as much as I use to, the eyes just do not work as well. But, I got Jackson Brown playing, a glass of red wine and just let the flow happen. I still find that I need to give myself an hour of downtime when I stop painting. There is an energy that comes over me when I am creating art that wakes me up and sometimes gets me thinking of new works to create. In order to go to sleep I need to stop and just let it all go to the back of my brain. Which does not always work but did okay last night.

I am working at the AZ Arts Alliance Gallery today from 11 - 6 and I always bring something to demonstrate. Today I will hopefully, finish a little barn owl in pastel. The pastels are still easier to travel with for these types of demos. It is Thursday Art Walk in Scottsdale, maybe after working at the gallery I may go check out a couple of shows. Looking forward to seeing whats new in the galleries.

Happy Spring, let's hope March Madness is just about the hoops and not the weather.

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