Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Little Things In Life

It is often the little things in life that touch us the most. Yesterday was my birthday and I had a very good day. Rick & I went to the Shemer Art Center, Phoenix, AZ. They have in the sculpture garden an exhibit of MicroDwell and inside MicroArt. The small house creations are made from interesting materials. Some where created from the large storage containers, recycled materials, use of bus frames, and old trucks. These tiny spaces, can be used as play houses, artists traveling studios, personal homes or even a pizza truck/restaurant from a ditch digger.

Inside the Shemer the art exhibit reflects the same theme of MicroArt. Small works but still powerful. Wood carved to look like objects cover with cloth. Two color prints in square formats and pieces created from mixed mediums.

The Shemer also offers classes and special events. If you want to check out more about the MicroDwells or art gallery check out the web site:

After leaving the art center we picked up our son, John from the airport in from Portland. We headed into Old Scottsdale and back to the house for a relaxing finish to the day. A good artsy birthday!

Thanks to all my friends for the birthday wishes, cards & gifts. It is those little things in life that make it worth the journey.



Artist studio on wheels

Ditch Digger Pizza Place

Inside Ditch Digger pizza oven

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