Friday, March 21, 2014

Learning Something New

Today is International Day of Forest, as so declared by the United Nations. This I did not know, I never really thought about the United Nations making International Days but apparently there are a lot of them, so today I learned something new. If you want to see what other observances there are you can go to the web site.

I love taking an opportunity to remind myself and others of the importance of trees. They give shade in the S/W sometimes being outside is as simple as stepping into the shade. Trees give us oxygen to breath in and out each day. They protect the ground, hold it in place with their roots, they provide food and shelter. They make music when the wind blows through their leaves. They are beautiful, some are tall others delicate. They touch my heart. They heal, just take a walk in the woods. Even in death trees are elegant in their form and as they decay they benefit the earth by enriching the soil.

If you have an opportunity today or this weekend, go hug a tree!

linda hp - pastel inspired by trip to Alaska

Marilu scratchboard 

linda hp graohite & white pastel, Harper's Ferry

Marilu scratchboard

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