Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hitting The Books

Wildflowers, trees and cactus are blooming early this year. Even though it is an off year for the amount of blooms there are still plenty to see and study. I had to hit the books to remember all the names of the different plants I saw in bloom.
There are many flowers that look similar and many yellow flowers in AZ. I try to double check by looking at the leaves, is it a bush or a single growth plant...then I take my best guess. From the looks of it compared to the pictures in the book I am going with Chinchweed, Pectis papposa, grows to 8 inches, will cover large areas.
The yellow flowers are from the Brittlebrush, Encelia farinosa, an evergreen with daisy shaped flowers. It tends to be one of the first things to bloom. The orange flowers are from the Globe mallow plant, a thin plant growing to about 2 feet.

Fairy Dusters, Pea Family Leguminosae

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Prickly Peat


These are just a few of the flowers and plants I saw. More to come on trees...

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