Sunday, March 9, 2014

Finishing Touches

Yesterday afternoon I sat outside and did a few final touches to the cheetah. I wanted to add more white to the chin area plus made the area around his chin darker. Cheetah is done, now just need a title.

After finishing the oil I went to the pastels. Decide I would finish up the dog from the workshop I took last weekend. Will give the velour paper another try using a different brand. But, can't say that I loved working on this paper. It does give a soft appearance for the fur of animals. 
I did buy an extra sheet to cut up & bring to the workshop I am teaching at Common Ground on the Hill in July. 

Each artist has a special touch of the hand, kind of the different strokes thing. I still find I like the touch of the Rives BFK paper. I have even applied it to canvas and used oil paints on it with nice results.

Now that the finishing touches are done on these two pieces I can move on to fox & bird that have the under painting done. Plus got a little owl in pastel waiting for a few more strokes.

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