Friday, March 28, 2014

Fairy Tales

As I was taking a walk yesterday, looking at the flowers and trees in bloom - I thought about the Beauty and the Beast of Arizona. The harsh conditions in which these beautiful flowers manage to grown. The soil is rock and sand. The plants and trees have developed spines over time replacing large leaves. The palo verde tree has a variation that is called little leaf and they are so small it looks like it does not have leaves at all. But, they do have some wicked spikes to protect itself and are filled with yellow flowers.

The desert is about survival and conservation. How to live, bloom flowers, to reproduce for another year. Sometimes the ocotillo looks like dead sticks coming out of the ground. If there is a lack of water, it will drop it's leaves in order to produce a flower. A kind of Sleeping Beauty.

Arizona in March, in the spring is a fairy tale, I love to not only see what is blooming but the air is filled with soft fragrances. Later there will be fruits for the birds, butterflies, bugs and others to enjoy. This is my favorite month and even with little rain, it has still been a lovely chapter in my story.

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