Monday, March 17, 2014

Evening In Paradise

Last night Rick & I watched the full "Crow" moon rise between the mountains by the outside fire pit. It was a beautiful evening in paradise. The "Crow" or "Worm" full moon is suppose to represent the coming of spring. The crow is leaving and the worms start to show their heads. Well, from the weather reports back east, still waiting for old man winter to leave.

It has made travel a challenge and still does. Rick is working his way back east at this very moment. The flights seem to be working but once on the ground, well, we will just have to wait and see. And who knows if things clear a little bit more, might see a few more visitors coming out my way.

This morning wrapping up computer work and normal life stuff. Going by condo, which is up for sale if anyone is interested and the park is just across the street so will go for a nice morning walk to see what is blooming in AZ. Because there has been very little rain this winter, the wildflowers and cactus will not be as brilliant as they have been in some years but there is always something to see in each season.

This afternoon will be in the studio to finish a little fox in the snow scene. I know not exactly your AZ wildlife but had these pictures of a red fox in the snow from when we lived in Maryland. Just knew I needed to do something with them. Did a little pastel for the 30-30 challenge. The current one is 8x10 oil on canvas. Plan to prime some boards for oil painting tonight too. Have not painted on hard board surface but I do like a smooth surface compared to the weave of canvas. More experiments with oils. Most of these will come back east for shows in the spring, summer and fall.

Happy St. Patty's Day, keep warm thoughts as spring is on it's way or so say the moon!

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