Saturday, March 15, 2014

Creative Week

This week has been filled with lots of creativity - going to art shows, getting good news about art, and spending some artful time creating meals with my son the cook. A good week.

Rick & I went to the Celebration of the Arts show, hundreds of artists all coming together for the winter in AZ. That show and the Arts Expo are set up in large tents from mid-Jan. to mid-March. A long time to commit to a show.

While John was still here we went over to the Scottsdale Art Show that is just set up for the weekend. This year featured lots of creative food trucks, with food for ever taste. The arts covered a little of everything but the sculptures took our vote this year.

I received good news, one of my images and some information on how I work with recycled handmade paper will be include in an article in Profession Artist Magazine. I also received word that two of my images will be included in the Pastel show in Sedona, AZ. Along with news that two images will be included in the Mill Show, VA.

The end to a very nice week.

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