Thursday, March 6, 2014


Sometimes life gets in the way, sometimes life is an adventure. I am looking forward to a few adventures coming up this next week. There are some opportunities for day trips, heading north to Cottonwood, Jerome, maybe Sedona.

I am working each afternoon to finish up the cheetah oil painting. I have gotten pulled into the details and it is almost done, should be able to post a picture tomorrow. I am working on a couple more pieces here and there, layering the dark's in and waiting for them to dry. I keep looking at the piece I started in the workshop. I think I will finish it but still not loving the velour type paper. I had put a dog portrait I have been doing on hold to see if I like the velour paper I might change to that, but no, so will go back to working on that. It is about half finished.

The stuff of life getting in the way, is the usual, organizing, cleaning, framing, selling our condo, hanging shows, gallery sitting, demonstration and cooking. But, I think we have things pretty well planned at this point. Some shows coming up are the AZ Arts Alliance Gallery, the show is up till April 27th, will big reception on April 26th. The gallery is located off Indian Bend, Scottsdale, AZ. Waiting to hear from the Mill show in VA, the AZ Pastel spring show will go up in Sedona in April and hanging a solo show at the Alumni Gallery at VA Tech in June. July I will be teaching pastel at Common Ground on the Hill, McDaniel College, MD.

I am sure there will be other shows & workshops that come up and in-between I will keep painting in both oil & pastel.

I did create a little slide show on my computer, I down loaded here but it does not appear to want to run. If you go to the flickr link listed on the side you can pull up the slide show. Not always easy but it is out there. So, now that this is done, I have some business things to do this morning, in the way life stuff and later this afternoon we will make art!


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  1. Okay, the slide show seems to be working, if you have 5 minutes you can see all the art works Marilu & I created for the 30-30 challenge in Jan. Some of the pieces have already been sold. If you have an interest in a piece just let us know. Enjoy!


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