Saturday, February 15, 2014

Up & Away

February's full moon is called: Snow Moon, Storm Moon, Hunger Moon and/or Full Bony Moon...I was intrigued so went to Farmers Almanac to better understand some of these names. The names came about by Native Americans. The winter's being hard, filled with snow/ice made it harder to hunt and provide food for the family. That explained the snow, storm & hunger moons. Ahhh! the Full Bony Moon, the Cherokee receive create for that name. It came about as they made soup from bone marrow during those lean winter months. The Celts call it a moon of ice. The Chinese refer to it as a budding moon, it hopes for spring.

As much of the east coast, north and northwest are covered in snow with more coming and lots of clouds you may not be able to see the full moon this weekend.

But if you can get out this weekend, the National Parks Service has free admission for Presidents Weekend. The Parks around our nation offer free days throughout the year. Go to their web site and check out all the programs and events. Our Parks offer not only a beautiful walk in nature with wildlife, they save historic styles, preserve our heritage, give us art & cultural activities too.

While I was making paper, I create several with a moon in them. Now I need to go back through some of my pictures, some came from National Parks and see what I can create. Since each full moon has it's own special name I may need to do a small series featuring that special moon. I do love working in series. This week the series has been elephants, more to come on that later.

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