Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Two Too Many

I started out this morning thinking I would write a blog on Yellowstone - Happy 142nd Birthday Yellowstone!! But, as I was looking for pictures, I got side tracked as I usually do with too many pictures. I have two external hard drives to back up my photos. I keep them in folders with dates and titles. I can generally find what I am looking for fairly quickly but I get pulled in by the memories.

We enjoy travel, especially when we are traveling with friends to new places. We have had some amazing and interesting experiences. I love all the reference materials I have, and I know that if I never take another picture, I would have enough information to create new art until I paint no more...but we all know that ain't gonna happen.

I did find a few pictures of Yellowstone to include in today's blog. I also have a couple more pictures I printed out for painting references, a few zebra, mountain lion, and leopard cub. There would have been more but I ran out of ink. So, I will continue to deal with one - two many pictures!

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