Friday, February 28, 2014


This morning, there are clouds in the sky, which makes for an amazing sunrise. The temperatures in Arizona have been above normal this winter and the lack of rain is frightening. The clouds started coming in from the west coast, a storm is coming, rain, it should start raining this evening and throughout the day on Saturday. It is way overdue. Without the winter rains the wildflowers limit their blooms, many of the cacti will have fewer flowers. The trees are greening up and succulents have already been in flower.

The next two days will be good days to make art. Today I will continue working in my studio, currently working on a cheetah in oils. It is an image I did in pastel and really loved the shot, so I am doing a similar one. I have several other backgrounds done and got the shadows on a little fox.

Tomorrow I am taking a one day workshop. I will be working with pastels on suede/velour paper. I plan to take pictures at the workshop and will write a little something about it for Sunday before heading to the AZ Pastel Artists Association general meeting. It will be a busy artsy weekend.

Here is the picture of the great horned owl that got a little re-working. He was started in the 30-30 but wanted to just add a bit more white, color and dark to bring him together.

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