Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pachyderm In The Room

Pachyderm or pachiderm (Pachydermata) - is not just an elephant, this grouping includes, rhinos, hippos, zebra, horses and many more. But, for today we will focus on the elephant in the room. The saying is directed at "an obvious truth that is ignored or otherwise unaddressed", according to Wikipedia. But, for me the pachyderm in the room is the one in my studio. I have been going back over the photos from the Africa trips. The elephants keep calling to me, I started with some sketches, moved to oil paintings, which were small. I still feel the pull to go bigger and bigger. I finished one that is 12x16 and did one small long format about 10 inches long. This long format is one I want to explore. I have picked up a couple different style long canvases, they are the elephant in the room - they are the otherwise un-addressed.

I am still building up to oil painting big again. Knowing that with the oils it will take me longer periods of time to get the final results seems to stagger me a bit. I leave those big blank canvases sitting out, I see them and know that I need to do something with them. I know I need to have them done by mid-April so they will dry in time to ship them east for shows this summer and fall.

Deep breath, the obvious truth is I need to just jump in and get started on these big guys. I am currently working on African elephants, I have done Asian elephants in the past and may have a couple for a show in the fall. There are something like 18 sub-species of elephants, African & Asian are separate and the Forest or Bush elephant may be more than a sub-species. The African elephant was named by Johann Friedrick Blumenbach, 1797 (Elephas africana). These amazing creators are listed as "keystone species" they have a large effect on the environment, maintaining the structure of an ecological community. It still boggles my mind why ivory is needed anywhere but on the elephant?

Here are the latest of the small elephants, I am excited to see what is coming next...If you would like to read more about elephants and pachyderms check out the link to wiki -

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