Monday, February 17, 2014

Light As Air

Light - daylight - flat light - sun light - bright light...trying to take photographs of artwork takes time and the right kind of light. The quality of the air, the overcast sky, a flat light can be a good thing for taking pictures.

Yesterday it was overcast, light clouds covering the sun yet still bright enough and no wind. So, I thought let me re-shoot some of the works I have done lately. While doing the 30-30 challenge many of those photos were taken with my phone. The phone shoots things a little too blue and lighter.

The oil paintings have a shiny surface, the pastels have an even quality. Marilu deals with a whole different surface, the scratchboard. She has to adjust for the rich blacks and the bright whites. The contrast of scratchboards is one of the things that make it so appealing.

I worked with my Nikon and played with my new macro lens. When taking these types of pictures I use manual settings, sometimes I set up the tripod to keep the camera stable. With digital I find that to get the true color of the painting I have to bracket, I shoot what the camera tells me is the correct setting. Then I shoot two brighter and two darker. For the most part I go with a darker shot.

I found that the canvas oil paintings even in a flat light will bounce light. As I pull them up in photoshop I could see little dots of light that are the edge of the weave of the canvas. Okay, maybe I got a little too much detail in that shot.

Today there are no clouds, a light breeze and looks like I may need to wait to do any outside photography for another day. I will use what I have to do computer work, adjusting the size, dpi, labeling and applying to upcoming shows. It is a business morning of art.

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