Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kind Of A Compliment

I have been having a fair number of people, "tagging", themselves with my images on Face Book lately. Not just my art work but photographs from places I travel. I guess this is kind of a compliment that they like my work, my images. It does feel a bit odd to see one of my photographs end up as the cover photo on someone else's page. To me it indicates they took that picture or ask permission to use that picture. Face Book did send me a message that said, so-n-so ask to tag your picture, but when I clicked on that person they already had my picture posted. So, where does the asking come in to use my image? They are not within my "friends", maybe they are in a group I belong to? I have sent these people messages asking where they took the image from and what they plan to do with my work? Especially if it is my art work.

Many artist get scam emails, request for your work via some far away company. For all I know my images may be selling like sushi over seas and I don't see any benefit from those "sales".

This year has begun with a lot more of these types of things. One of the reasons I got my act back together and started posting my art work with the copyright logo again. Guess I may need to start doing that to my travel photos too. Nice to be "liked" but not so sure about being "tagged" - you're it!

To find out more about copyright symbols and information here is a link to a web site that is very helpful.

This symbol is from the copyright authority web site listed above

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