Thursday, February 27, 2014

Is It Done Yet?

This month I have been going back to some works that have not been framed yet. When something does not get framed quickly it is usually because there is something about it that just does not feel like it is done yet. There are 3 pieces I worked on this week, two I took pictures of before the sun went down. I did a pastel some time ago of two ravens on handmade paper. The paper was determine to not take the black pastels or charcoal pencils. I went back to the art supply store a few times to get darker charcoal and charcoal pencils.

Pencils, charcoals come in degrees of hardness, which translates to darkness, kind of...a hard pencil, charcoal pencil or charcoal will generally give a lighter line, H - HB - H1, H2, etc. where darker softer pencils...B's are darker but with a light touch can be light enough. Well, that was confusing, but I went and got darker B's, softer charcoals to rework the Ravens. On the opposite end I had done one of the mountain lions from the Sonoran Living Desert Museum. His face was in the light as he was coming out of his cave. In the pastel it seemed to dark, so slight adjustment and it felt better to me.

The great horned owl from the 30-30 challenge called to me for more detail. My downfall, I do love the feathers. That was my last piece of the day, will try to remember and post him tomorrow. But, he just needed to have a bit more lights and dark's. Some bright white and a little line work. I will look at him again today and since the wind seems to be low hope to get some good photographs.

Later, back to the oils, I have several that have either backgrounds or dark's block in ready for details, there is that word again. But, with the oils I have loosen up some and the details are not as tight as the pastels. We shall see what develops.
"Awakening" pastel on paper

"Whose Got Who" pastel on handmade paper

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