Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Here To There And Back Again

This past weekend I did a little run away or run to, depends on how you look at it, I ran away from the warm sunshine of AZ but I took it with me to the east coast. On the long day of travel to get back to AZ I did some reading, research, drawing and planning.

There are lots of shows coming up in which I still need to submit the images and forms. I signed up for a show at the AZ Arts Alliance Gallery for March & April. Brought back works for spring shows on the east coast, plus need to ship a couple more pieces for a show on New Mexico, Land of Enchantment, that Jeanean Martin is putting together at the Griffin Art Center in April. Ordering supplies for pastel workshop at Common Ground on the Hill in July. Will need to get new paintings done for solo show at VA Tech Alumni Gallery that goes up in June. Working on trying to have a closing reception for that show at the end of August or sometime in September. Still trying to get some workshops going and a artists get together once a month.

This weekend I am treating myself to a workshop. I am taking a workshop focusing on animals but will be working on a suede type pastel paper. I have worked on this paper years ago but not enough to say one way or the other that I did or did not like it, so we shall see how it all comes about.  Every other year or so I sign up for a work shop, it is a good way to remind yourself of the basics. To help change any bad habits that may have incorporated into your routine. Plus, I always find I learn something new, a technique, material, gallery, place to go and paint. It is good to keep learning, keeps the mind & the heart open to new ideas.

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