Monday, February 3, 2014

Beat to a Pulp

Not talking about any sports event here, still talking, making paper. The last four days I was in the studio making paper with a few new friends. We were recycling old art papers, some damaged, or some art that did not work. I divide the papers into colors, there will always be a little something that pops up in the making of recycled paper. Sometimes the pulp from one color will stick to the screens and blend with another color. These happy accidents are usually the favorite pieces of hand made paper.

As I am wrapping up the last of the pulp I just let it happen - what is it? Well, I just pour one color into another and start pulling sheets of paper while the blend of the two colors allows me. I have come up with some interesting pieces of paper. Some will become books, others are already ear-marked for pastel drawings. And one even became a painting with pulp.

Today I have a little beige colored pulp left in the vat, so will pull a few more sheets before we drain, dry and deep six paper making for a while. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be back at the drawing table.

Moon Light View - hand made paper pulp painting

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