Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Working On Weekends

Most artists work on the weekends, doing shows, prep work, mental work, computer work, physical painting and drawing work. There have been times when Rick will ask why I am so quite? Especially when we are on the road. It is usually because I am doing what I call drawing in my head. Working on projects to come, color, design, even medium. I always have ideas and for the most part what I see in my head is what comes out on paper.

This past weekend we did our traditional get away to Tucson. One of my favorite places is the Living Desert Museum. They have a new young mountain lion this year. He was a joy to watch, jumping up into a tree, which looked like he had not done before and then not so gracefully getting out of the tree. The free flight of raptors and the hummingbird aviary, where they are busy building nests.

I did try to sketch the mountain lion but only got very quick gestures. I just take pictures of the birds as they are way to fast to even think about drawing. But, I was able to take a few moments each day and do a little plein air drawing. Which I then used for the 30-30 but today we are back to the easel. Trying to wrap up two that I started last week. Plus, lots more paintings to come.

While we were at the Living Desert we got to see the "Animals in Art" show...more on that another day.

View of Tucson city night lights

Mountain Lion - up a tree

Falcon - free flight

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