Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Science, Pastels & Degas

Today I am playing the Mad Scientist, along with a fellow artist, Ruth. A couple years ago I started reading about sealing pastels so they could be framed without glass. I have been experimenting off and on since then. Trying to find a way to keep the pastels detail that I love so much, not darken the color of the pigments and display the finished works without glass.

I have not found a lot of information about this technique used by Degas on his pastels. But, apparently he liked to experiment too. He mixed up his techniques, sometimes creating a print then working on top of the print. He used a special fixative from what I have read no one knows the recipe for and then he also used a steaming technique. He worked in layers, steaming and fixing in-between each layer.

Today I will channel my inner Degas, well, at least I am going to try the steaming technique. I have no idea what will come out of this as I have not seen it done before.

More tomorrow, pass or fail, it is always good to try something new...

Edward Degas, dancer 1

Edward Degas - crimson

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