Friday, January 24, 2014

It's never really just Black & White

Looking over the collection of work I have been doing for this 30-30 challenge and my work in general. I seem to deal a lot with Black & White images (animals) which are not really black and or white. I won't go into the whole science of color thing but the basis is black is all colors mixed together and white is the absences of color. When you look at black you can often see one color as the major player, generally blue, often blue-purple, or sometimes a brown shade (red). As black fades in fabric the predominant comes comes forward. White reflects and absorbs colors well, depending on what other colors are near it, white can become a full spectrum of color. Kind of like silver, when you are painting silver or reflective surfaces you are not painting the color silver you are painting the colors that reflect off of the shiny surface. With black & white, you never really just paint those two colors. In some of my works, the black is really just a mix of the colors creating that dark feel.

Gray, well, it is not really black & white mixed together. The elephant I did in oil did not use black in any of those grays. They were created by mixing complimentary colors together.

So, next time you look at a black and white painting, look at how many colors you really see.

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