Monday, January 13, 2014

Eclectic choices

Hiking around in the woods in search of nature's little treasures isn't very practical these days.  With mud, ice, slippery ground and things pounded down by snow and rain, the subjects for painting are few and far between.  So I'm relying on my files of hundreds of know, the ones you took because "I think I'll do a painting of that someday"....  Well, I think that day is here.  I've discovered lots of images that I had forgotten about and others that I wondered ...'what was I thinking'....  But I've pulled out a few and am putting them to use. 
The last few days I've used a photo of a Great Horned Owl that I took at the Living Desert Museum near Tucson, Arizona.  Also, a basket of apples from a roadside market, probably somewhere local.  And some sunflowers....just because I hadn't seen the sun in days. 
Ah, January in the mid-Atlantic!! 

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