Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Down The Drain

Sometimes it doesn't work - what you say - sometimes the hand does not do what the mind is trying to get it to do, so in those moments you need to cut bait!

The little giraffe I did for Day 27 was not what I started with, in fact I was not planning to do a giraffe at all. I spent the morning printing out pictures for future works. I often use more than one picture for my paintings to get all the colors, and details. I had printed out several giraffe images to do a study with multiple images on one page. But, the one picture had such a funny expression I got pulled in and started working on a new piece. After working on it for a couple hours it became apparent that this will be my piece for today. Or so I thought. I kept working on it the angle and tilt of the head was hard but the chin and neck became the real problem. I was pushing now to see if I could do a direct painting all in one day, using all the colors...it did not work. I started making lovely shades of gray, making mud on my painting.

Hmmmm! These are water-based oil paints, which means they clean up with soap and water. What would happen if I just ran water over the canvas??? I did just that, with a little help from a nail brush the paint went down the drain. There was a light tint of color and some of the coffee stain was still there. A good place to start. I took my hair drier gave it a quick dry and back to the drawing table. I tried to convince myself to just do a line drawing and let it be, but no I had a little paint left over. I added a light wash of color to tone the giraffe but then it seemed too dull. So, pulled out my liner brush and added a few, many a few too many lines. Done, at least I was calling it done.

It was a long afternoon and it did not end up where I thought I was going. That is the interesting part of being an artist sometimes you have to just go with the flow, even if it takes you over the waterfalls. Putting the oils away for a couple days to experiment with pastels and set up paper making. Just 3 more paintings to go to complete the 30-30 I am too close now not to finish, no idea what today holds, guess we will all see tonight!

Day 27 - "Take Two" oil on coffee stained canvas

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