Wednesday, January 22, 2014

By The Numbers

Math, numbers, when you think of art, artists, you generally do not think of Arithmetic. How's that for old word of the day?  I realized once I got out of school, that math is use in so many ways. An artist will often break the process of painting/drawing down into mathematical formulas. The theory of 3's, use of triangles, creating a grid, division within a painting, or even the mixing of colors, medium ration to pigment. Most of these things we learn but do not think of them as math. We do not take a math class to teach us these techniques, we paint, we draw and we incorporate them into our work.

After the works are created then we have to deal with the other form of math. The real numbers to paper kind of math. It is always a battle to figure out how much to price art for sale.

Once the art is sold, there is the tax man, doing sales tax, which is what I was doing yesterday. Setting up "excel" for income & expenses for State & Federal taxes. Learning to use things like the "Square" or "PayPal". Lots of applications for arithmetic.

And to wrap it all up, there is the math that comes along with framing. This is when an artists learns quickly about fractions. I use to create my art and not think about the size. Then I started doing my own framing, cutting mats and ordering custom frames, not the way to go.

Today, I will continuing doing it by the numbers, wrapping up expenses today, always depressing. I will use division today, this morning is the business of art, but this afternoon is devoted to the creating of art.

The image for today is a study using math to help me with the proportions and composition. Figured you would rather see that then a picture of a spread sheet and calculator.

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