Thursday, January 16, 2014

Art & The Animal

Tom Altenburg's painting "Silent Landing"
While in Tucson we always go to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. Which happens to include the Ironwood Art Gallery. This year starts with "Art & The Animal", works from the Society of Animal Artists.

The show includes some of the finest wildlife artists around. This is part of a larger show, which started in Bennington, VT. The works at Ironwood Gallery are selected to travel to several locations around the country. Some of the artists included in this show are: Robert Bateman, Ruth Ray, who was at the opening reception, Tom Altenburg, whose work, "Silent Landing" was on the poster for the show and Heather Soos, "Forest of Gaints" kept you searching for the small birds within her painting.

The show represented most of the mediums. Although there were pastels in the main show, none made the cut for the traveling show. There was a charcoal drawing, some graphite works, watercolors all framed under glass. The bulk of the show were oil, acrylic paintings and sculptures.

As I spoke to people at the show, there was interest in an upcoming pastel show. Business cards were exchanged and conversations of favor subject matters. It was a good afternoon and a lovely way to end our visit to the AZ Sonora Desert Museum, whose name I always have trouble remember.  Here is the link to the Society of Animal Artists if you would like to learn more about the organization. And a link to the desert museum for when you plan you trip to Tucson.

A few of the works from the SAA show in Tucson

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