Monday, December 2, 2013

Night and Day

Over the weekend Rick & I spent time at the Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix, AZ. One of my favorite places to just walk around. This time of year it has a wonderful desert smell.

A bonus in the gardens, Chihuly is back, there are glass works throughout. We saw it both in the day light and in the evening with luminaries everywhere. The air was filled with music and the it was a prefect day/night to be there.

It always amazes me what is blooming in the garden, in AZ at different times of the year. I am trying to keep record of what blooms when. The birds too are singing as they have been migrating to this area for their winter visit.

I don't use the photos of the glass works for my art but there are some reflections going on that might somehow come into play, somewhere along the line. Until then I will leave you with a few works as seen Night and Day.

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