Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mocha Morning

Have not had much to say this past week but today is Sunday. I make a little extra coffee watch the Sunday Morning News and if I have a little left over coffee I make mocha. It is a mocha morning!

As I was watching a moment in nature, think that is what it is called, they ended with Kruger National Park, South Africa - elephants! I love elephants and immediately felt the pull of Africa. I am never really sure why I feel the pull of Africa but I do and am working on when I/we will return. Until then I have many more drawings/paintings in my head and this morning helped to kick start them to the front.

I worry some about trying to show images from Africa, animal art but then try to be true to myself. Reminding myself of what a professor told me long ago. Do your art and those that love it as you do will find it.

Botswana, Africa
"elephant - H2O" 

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