Thursday, December 26, 2013

Learning Curve

Happy Boxing Day, Merry Day After Christmas! Santa brought me some new toys this year. A sprocket rocket - camera that shoots film, shows the film edges, those sprockets and is in panorama format. Oh my, I mentioned that I was thinking about shooting in film again, along with digital. Some shots still look better in film and I still love B&W images. This falls under, be careful what you ask for...

After reading the directions, it is a simple camera but may take a few rolls of film to master the technique. It is like a box camera, no batteries, no adjustments, set for one speed of film and the exposure depends on how long you hold the shutter open. Most diffidently going to be a learning curve, but fun to experiment.

Santa kept the camera theme going with a macro lens for my digital camera. Not as much of a learning curve but fun to see what images I come up with and how they might become part of my paintings.

Hopefully in a day or so I will have some better macro images for you. The sprocket images will take a bit longer, as they will have to go to the developer.

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