Thursday, December 19, 2013

Labors of Love

When I am working on a project, be it personal, public or private, a commission piece, they become a labor of love for me. I have to love what I am doing to make it work. Sometimes, it is more work then love but in the end I have to love what I have done. 

I currently have several projects underway, falling under all of the above categories. As I was working on sketches yesterday I was tired and my hand was not doing what I wanted it to do, so I stopped. These sketches are the ideas I have for a dog portrait for a friend. Since, I have a couple ideas floating around in my head I want to give options. I have a hard time picking which I like most in the poses and mostly because I want it to be the right pose.When my hand does not flow well, it is best to stop and make a change. Either work on a different project or something totally different not related to drawing. Which is what I ended up doing.

Today I will go back to, the drawing board and try again, refreshed and ready to relax into the sketches. As, I was focused too much yesterday on the details and not the general idea of the pose. Now that I have that in mind hopefully my hand will follow more relaxed into the task.

Here are a few past commission.


Book in a Box

Inside of Box

Star Book inside of Box
Not all commission are 2-D

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