Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Head Games

T.M.I. - I have too much information running around my head...my head is playing games again. I wake up in the wee hours thinking of things I want, need to do, of projects that have been floating around in my little brain for way too long.

How do I make this noise calm down? One way for me is to make a list. It is usually a long list and not one that will be done in a few days. I did this one year and it took me two years to get through the list but I did it and it looks like it is time to do this again.

I have winter trees from the east coast and big trees from the west coast looming over me, just waiting to be put on paper. I can't find my stack of handmade paper, so that will be something that gets done within a shorter period of time. I need to re-work my drawing instruction worksheet for students to include pictures. I have commissions I am working on and a piece that will be in an auction in January.

This afternoon I will paint, but this morning I think I need to take some time and write. A bit of journal writing in the form of lists.What I want to draw or paint, what shows are coming up, due dates, workshops, etc...

Here are a few trees images that might turn into paintings this coming year - I hope.

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