Monday, November 25, 2013

Working On It

Well, I am working on trying to make no excuses. Making my lists, checking them twice...oh that is someone else's line. But, I am making lists. Trying to check off those things with deadlines. Like transferring the Fine Arts in the Valley domain name. Spending way too much time from one company to the other trying to make this happen. I am not sure yet if it has worked, I have gotten two conflicting emails. The old company I want to leave says I am locked in for 60 days. The domain name expires in less then 10 days. The new company says, I have sent them everything they need and this should happen within the week???? So, now am playing the waiting game, waiting to see who sends the next email and what I have to do to follow up. But, no excuses, I am working on it!

Next on the list organizing work and maybe getting a couple new little pieces done for a holiday show in AZ. That will happen Dec. 2nd. I have a few days to pull that one together.

Checking dates to see if in-between art meetings/holiday get together's if I can put together one last paper making and journal workshop before the new year arrives. We shall see...

Most importantly, I am working on just working more, more drawing time, more painting time.

touching nature, nature inspiring me

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