Saturday, November 16, 2013

Letting Go

Last night was the opening to my solo show at the Hahn Garden. We had a young woman helping us with the reception. At the end of the evening after I had sold several pieces, she ask, does it make you sad to sell your work, to let it go?

It was a good question. It does not make me sad, especially when I know where the works of art are going, who they will be living with. I told her that it also keeps me working, it gives me a reason to make more art. Now that I think about it, it may be part of the reason I work in series. I am willing to let go of the art but not the image.

Working a theme show, where the focus was: America to Zambia, A-Z, brings back the memories of the travel that inspires the work. This too is a reason to let go, so that I can re-visit those photographs again and bring back the trips to Alaska, South Africa, Zambia and many other places that touched our hearts.

Zambia, Elephants, AM
Last night I let go of the cheetah, elephants - AM & PM  - I will be doing more cheetahs, always will do elephants and I see some lion cubs on the horizon.
Zambia Elephants, PM

Cheetah - pastel on paper - Sold!

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