Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Let There Be Light

Watching the sunrise this morning got me thinking about light. How we see light, colors we see or don't see. How light affects us. How artists use light in their work.

 Give me the sun, the warmth, the clear blue sky or the intense reds of sunrise and sunset. Even though I rarely paint landscapes I often take photos of mountains, skies, seas, and trees. I start with the general and focus in on the details.  It's the details that pull me in, that make me want to capture that small moment. But, light, still is important in even those small images or the close up of animals. It is the dark that brings out the light, the contrast in color that mother nature does so well.

The trees are losing their leaves quickly now, leaving the shape of the tree exposed. This too captures my heart. I love drawing trees and feel like I have been away from that for too long. Seeing the texture of the sycamore tree, the way the light hits the bark does make me want to do a very large drawing of a tree. I think the strong contrast of evening light would make a beautiful charcoal with some under-color hiding in the drawing.

I do believe this mornings light has got me inspired - think I will make some notes on my calendar so not to let this idea slip away.

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