Friday, November 15, 2013


Today is National Recycle day - a good day to Do It Yourself - we are starting to think past recycle and into renew. This date works beautifully with my show opening today at the Hahn Garden at VA Tech. Many of my works are influenced by my trip to Zambia this past summer. I did workshops with students & artists on how to recycle paper to create something new. I was thrilled to see the artist take the paper making and make it their own art form. Sharing ideas and techniques.

My own work in this show are images of wildlife/nature from Zambia, South Africa and N. America many of them have incorporated hand made paper, some works are drawn directly on handmade paper.

The journal workshop we had this week was all about using hand made paper from recycled materials. There will be some of those journals and a special little accordion book of Zambia at the Hahn Show tonight.

What will you do today to recycle - renew - recreate! Come on by the show and get some inspiration for renewing so you too can DIY!

Hahn Garden, 200 Garden Lane, Blacksburg, VA just off Washington St., on campus, past the Duck Pond. We will be there tonight from 6-8, the show is up till Dec. 12th.
Cheetah - pastel with handmade paper
Accordion book made from maps

Journals - Sketchbooks - Guest Books - Memorial Albums made from recycled paper

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