Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Traveling Art

Back & forth, up & art is on the road almost as much as I am. I try to keep travel journals & sketchbooks. My sketchbooks are not always the traditional bound book. When I know I may be in one place for a period of time that I could create something I want my good paper. It is kind of my version of plein air painting. I pull together several kinds of papers, tone some of them with charcoal or pastel, attach them to foam core, front, back and sometimes side to side. Try to think of where I will be and the colors I will need, I always need blue, and generally need burnt sienna. Kneaded eraser, pencil sharper, baggie for pencil shavings, tissue &/or paper towel and something in which to carry all my supplies. Oh and can't forget my camera, which is back in working order, thank you Nikon.

That is just the stuff I need to make new art. Now, I need portfolios to put art in when the Artomatic show comes down. A little bubble wrap, some cardboard, old mat board or foam core to keep work separated so the frames don't get damaged. My phone & computer have my calendar with shows, dates & times of delivery or take down. Deadlines too are on there to remind me to apply to more shows. And gentle reminders that some galleries want specific pieces of work.

What work goes where and when can be a challenge. You apply to shows sometimes two or more years out. With the arts it can be feast or famine. Lots of shows on going: Artomatic ends this weekend, last day to see the show is Saturday. The Art at the Mill show, near Berryville, VA ends October 20th, Fine Arts in the Valley opens October 25th and I have work going into two juried shows. The MD Pastel Society, Shades of Pastel opens Nov. 2 at the Delaplaine, Frederick, MD and the AZ Pastel Artist Association has the fall juried show opening at the Scottsdale Artist School.

Almost forgot doing the demos at Mountain Lake Lodge October 12-13-14 and to end the season a solo show at the Hahn Garden Gallery here in Blacksburg, VA. I guess I should wrap this up, go get another cup of coffee and get working.
Me at the drawing board

Shades of Pastel - Frederick, MD
Opening October 25th

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