Thursday, October 17, 2013

Shop Talk

Today is running around day - I am going back up to Mountain Lake Lodge to meet the new gallery manager. Will check on inventory, change out works that reflect the season and leave hand made paper books. This will give me an excuse to bring my camera and maybe get a few tree & root photos for future reference.

Then back into Blacksburg to drop by the Matrix Gallery on Main Street. Dropping off more books and small works to Lana's shop.

Might pick up some mats, see if I can find some frames for the new works that have been coming along in-between the paper making & book making. There might even be an option to have some works displayed at another location in Blacksburg once all the other shows are done.

Plus, need to get some books and cardinal images over to - The Little Gallery on Smith Mountain Lake. Might do that on my way to pick up work from the Mill show. This is the last weekend to see that show, comes down on Monday! Then head into Middletown to set up Fine Arts in the Valley.

Talking shop, taking notes, seeing what galleries need, what needs to be framed, making up inventories, printing out labels, tags and delivering work. Almost forgot the AZ Pastel juried show opens soon, followed by the MD Pastel juried show which is in Frederick, MD opening during the FAV show! Just need to keep finding time to draw/paint/make books - no more paper making till I am back in AZ. Plus, making time to have a date night with my hubby. Somehow it all seems to work out!

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