Tuesday, October 8, 2013

An Art Weekend

It was a very busy weekend, Artomatic continued with receptions, artist market, music, people everywhere plus it was First Saturday in Frederick. I worked at Artomatic till 4:00, then hurried over to the Delaplaine Center for Arts & Education on Carroll St., to see my friend Homer Yost's solo show. If you are in the area it is truly something you should not miss. Homer does figurative sculpture and drawings. Elegant is the word that comes to mind looking at his show.

Homer Yost
Along with his work are other shows going on in the building, photography by Lee Goodwin in the small lower gallery, paintings by Chevelle Makeba Moore Jones in the back gallery and go up to the second floor for additional works. To my surprise Trish, Patricia Stockman, who has been coordinating the volunteers for Artomatic had her own solo digital collage photography show. In the back room on the second floor was mixed medium works by Pamela Flynn. Lots of wonderful and powerful works in one location.

Just down the street from the DVAEC is The Artists Gallery at 4 E. Church St., Fred., MD I had the chance to run into some friends at the gallery and to see Chris Stovall's works. Her show is "Birds & Bees" paintings on wood and canvas. Colorful pieces in a abstract realist style. Along with her paintings she has clay pieces that were treated as scratchboards, China clay with a coating that is removed to expose the white background. Marilu does scratchboards as many of you know and could have seen at Artomatic. Yet, these are hanging free form and have dimension to them, similar to a relief sculpture. A interesting compliment to her paintings.
Chris Stovall at The Artists Gallery

I went in and out of a few of my favorite shops, The Muse on Market St., is one stop I like to make when looking for a special artsy gift. The evening was lovely, the sky was clear, the temp's were dropping some and I love the architecture of Historic Frederick, so of course I ended my evening with a few photographs.

Sunday, the artists from Artomatic got together one last time to celebrate a grand event. At the moment it looks like we will do a repeat performance in 2015. As the day came to a close, we took the art of the walls and called it a done deal! Till the next show, till tomorrow!
Frederick, MD

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